March 2019
Handuo defends her thesis!

July 2018
Amanda defends her thesis!
Rico, Gabe, Pascal, and Amanda’s work is featured in Science Daily, the Stanford News, Irish News UK News and the Independent!!

May 2018
Ben and Becca join the lab!

March 2018
Handuo, Alex and Carolina’s work on bacterial cytoskeletal mutants is featured on Stanford Engineering!

February 2018
The lab goes on retreat to Vegas!

December 2017
Amanda and Handuo publish a blog post on the lab’s novel SLIP imaging protocol on Singer Instruments!

October 2017
KC is featured in Science News as one of 10 scientists to watch out for! Science News

June 2017
Andres receives the special recognition in teaching award from the Bioengineering Department!
Heidi, Amanda, and Andres hosted a Craftism booth at Bio-X Science Day!

May 2017
Amanda is selected as an ARCS Fellow!
Spencer’s review is accepted in FEMS Micrbiobiology Reviews!

March 2017
Heidi’s Resistor knit hats are featured in the Stanford News and on KQED!

February 2017
Alex’s paper gets accepted to Cell Reports!

January 2017
The lab goes on retreat to Placerville!
Amanda’s paper is accepted to Science!
Tristan, Tim, Handuo, Carolina, Russell, Alex, and Gabe’s paper is accepted to BMC Biology!
Rosanna’s paper is accepted to mBio!

December 2016
Rosanna’s paper is accepted to BMC Biology!

November 2016
Handuo, Alex, and Tim’s paper gets accepted at Nature Protocols!
Lisa’s paper gets accepted at PNAS!

September 2016
Tingting joins the lab as a graduate student!

August 2016
Amanda is added to the lab website!!

July 2016
Alex defends his thesis!

June 2016
Andres receives the HHMI International Fellowship!

May 2016
Amanda receives the ARCS Foundation Award Fellowship!
Andres receives the Bio-X Fellowship!
Handuo receives Stanford Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellowship!
Esha receives the Stanford Graduate Fellowship!

April 2016
Natalie receives the Goldwater Scholarship!

March 2016
Spencer receives the NSF Graduate Fellowship Award!
KC, Markus, and Denise get funding for the new Allen Discovery Center at Stanford!
Anthony joins the lab as a post-doc!

February 2016
The lab goes on retreat to Sonoma!

December 2015
Zhiyan receives the Dean’s Postdoc Fellowship!
Samantha, Carolina, Amanda, and Russell’s paper on UPLC gets accepted in The Journal of Biological Chemistry!

October 2015
Manohary joins the lab as a post-doc!
Lisa Willis joins the lab as a visiting scholar from Cambridge!
Gabe and Kristen’s human microbiota image wins second place in Nikon’s “Small World” Competition!

September 2015
Esha joins the lab as a graduate student!
Lisa Maier joins the lab as a visiting scholar from EMBL Heidelberg!

August 2015
Gabe defends his thesis!

July 2015
Heidi joins the lab as a post-doc!

June 2015
Andres and Spencer join the lab as graduate students!
Natalie joins the lab as an undergraduate student!

May 2015
Maya presents her honors thesis work!
Rico and Tim’s paper on Staph gets published in Science!
Amanda and Samantha’s work is accepted at Nature Communications!
Alex gets the Lieberman Fellowship!

April 2015
KC says we’re getting a new website! (April Fools?)
Gabe is featured in a New York Times article!

March 2015
Somya becomes an Intel Science Talent Search Finalist!
Gabe’s work is featured in the Stanford News!

January 2015
The lab goes on retreat to Hawaii!

November 2014
Rosanna defends her thesis!

October 2014
David and Kat join the lab as post-docs!
KC gets tenure!

August 2014
Gabe’s paper was selected for the cover of Molecular Microbiology!

July 2014
The lab moves to the Shriram Center!
Tristan becomes a professor at the University of Oregon!