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  1. (6.11) KC’s paper is discussed on ASM’s blog, Small Things Considered

  2. (6.11) A 5th grade class from Independent Elementary School in Castro Valley visits the lab

  3. (5.11) Carolina wins a SIGF Bio-X Fellowship

  4. (4.11) Leon and KC’s article on maintenance of cell shape is published in Mol. Micro.--the first article in the journal with interactive 3D images

  5. (4.11) Rico joins the lab

  6. (3.11) Jill and Lauren join the lab as rotation students

  7. (3.11) KC and Jen have been awarded 1.2 million CPU-hours on the NSF’s TeraGrid

  8. (3.11) KC’s paper on MscL clustering is on Biophysical Journal’s most read list

  9. (3.11) KC receives academic support award from The Mathworks to develop BioE45, to be offered Spring 2012

  10. (3.11) BMC Biophysics has launched with KC as associate editor(1.11) We are looking for a postdoc for a joint position with Devaki Bhaya’s lab

  11. (1.11) Carolina and KC’s article on replicative asymmetry is published in PNAS (writeup, pdf)

  12. (1.11) Jen joins the lab

  13. (10.10) We are looking for two postdocs for a joint position with Ajay Gopinathan’s lab

  14. (10.0) Pinkesh joins the lab

  15. (10.10) Gaurav joins the lab

  16. (09.10)The lab goes on a retreat at Safari West

  17. (06.10) KC’s work is featured in Time Magazine’s ‘Seeking Art in Science’

  18. (06.10) Gabe joins the lab as a graduate student

  19. (06.10) Elliott and Dominique join the lab as summer undergraduates

  20. (05.10) KC is awarded the National Academies Keck Future Initiative grant

  21. (05.10) Carolina and Rosanna attend the Weizmann Institute’s Physics 2 Life workshop

  22. (05.10) KC’s review, ‘Macromolecules that prefer their membranes curvy’ is out in Molecular Microbiology

  23. (03.10) Carolina, Sandhya, and Leon present at the APS March Meeting

  24. (03.10) Rosanna joins the lab as a graduate student

  25. (12.09) The group joins the Bryant lab and the Covert lab for a retreat at Stanford’s Hopkins Marine Station in Monterey

  26. (10.09) Tristan joins the lab as a Bio-X Genentech Postdoc

  27. (09.09) KC receives the NIH Director’s New Innovators Award (press coverage here and here)

  28. (09.09) Rosanna and Gabe join the lab as rotation students

  29. (09.09) Leon joins the lab as an intern

  30. (06.09) Sandhya joins the lab as a graduate student

  31. (06.09) Carolina joins the lab as a graduate student

  32. (02.09) Krystal is featured in the HHMI Institute News!

  33. (11.08) Lab construction is just about done! Stay tuned for labwarming party news...

  34. (10.08) Lab construction is underway! For photos click here...

  35. (10.08) Isis Trenchard has joined the lab as a rotation student.

  36. (10.08) Upcoming in December: The American Society for Cell Biology annual meeting will be held in San Francisco from 12.13.08 to 12.17.08.

  37. (10.08) Ton Subsoontorn has joined the lab as a rotation student.

  38. (09.08) KC starts work at Stanford...

  39. (01.08) Our study of Min-protein oscillations and cell division site selection in branched E. coli cells is online in J. Bacteriol.

  40. (03.07) Our study of cooperative gating and spatial clustering of mechanosensitive channels via membrane-mediated interactions is out in PLoS Computational Biology.

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